Posted by: cardcrusher | 12/21/2009

I see what you did there (Pinoy style)

Sometimes sarcastic humor is timely. It also makes the situation less severe. This is something I came across that Filipinos everywhere can laugh at:

“Philippines is the land for free people..and its really great!!! every filipino enjoys their freedom can urinate anywhere, you can spit and throw thrashes everywhere, you can argue with the police and let you free, you can be friends with politicians and you’ll gain the power of immunity, you can live anywhere even if you dont own that piece of land and if the owner wants to kick you out of his land he needs to pay you before you go. extra income Philippines got cheaply developed tourist spots,but still it will make your jaw drop. ..and philippines has the best over-hyping media.. and Philippines got the best league in Asia.(LoL) And the best coach in the GWEYAO LoL does Germany got that kind of freedom? i respect the Philippines but all of what i had stated above are facts. Freedom at its best!”




  1. Great idea, thanks for this tip!

  2. Well I guess it’s not a matter of CAN and CAN’T, but of WILL and WON’T, when it comes to such acts.

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