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For the record, I am not that esteemed CardCrusher.



  1. Of course not, that would make you a copycat.

    • FancyThat

      You missed the point. Try again.


    • Betty
      I hope there will come a day when you could respond better. Your response is a typical one from inarticulate Filipinos. Ikaw ang kawawa.

    • betty, this blogger assumes that she’s more articulate than your comment could ever be. This is her place.. where she can express all what she longs to say out of frustrations and rejection she faces. Blog sites are created partly for these characters. The psychology is that the more she can throw up what’s inside her stomach, the more relieved she gets. Everything has an explanation. Psychiatrists understand.

      • Oh jeez, another ignorant Filipino who can’t take criticism. Keep on with ad hominem comments. Keep on revealing how much of a pathetic person you really are.

        • You are the one ignorant. You are trying to create sensationalism by attacking the triumph and success of other people. Bet you , you are so despondent that you wish you never live at all. I know you cannot live by other people success
          . You wished that you never existed at all because you cannot live within you environment. You are the most uncivilized idiot that ever existed. I know you are cursing your mother for giving you birth. Why don’t try buying an electric chair?
          It is an easier way of committing suicide.

        • ROFL. Charice fans like you don’t get it. With every overreaction like yours, my point about the intolerant, violent, and onion skinned fans of her is proven to be true. More importantly, foolish fans like you validate my point on a silver platter. Thanks dude!

  3. CARDCRUSHER’S MESSAGE Comment deleted due to excess verbal attacks and staying well off topic. Next time, reword you points and keep the personal attacks to a minimum.

  4. cardcursher is just so trying hard to get your attention guys… charice will be great.. mark my word, this is her job, critisize, that’s all…

    one question cardcrusher…


    • Personalizing the discussion: a weak minded person’s pathetic defense.

  5. LAME.

  6. burat mo !

  7. Hope you use your wit in a more positive way. You sound learned.

  8. Hmmm… It’s one thing to air your non-belief in one person here..But going to such lengths as posting in different blogs… now that is much more lame..

    • Oh I so agree with you. They even go far and wide to find things to slap on her face. They are investing their time and money just to find negative issues against her.

      Even if Charice proves them all wrong, they will still find something against her. Well I would not be surprised.

      Since they know a lot, instead of paying attention to Charice, why don’t they find someone they can make popular? So that all what they think they know will not go to waste. That is fair, right?

    • There’s a little thing called freedom of speech in my country. IDK where you live, but freedom of speech is an amazing concept.

      • In my country, the so called Freedom of Speech, entails responsibility.

        Oh if you want to know where I live, you would know, you could check my IP address coudn’t you?

        Now instead of focusing on Charice, why not focus on somebody else. Find someone else where you could use all the information you have. Someone who deserves more to be where she is right now.

        • I can check your IP for sure. That’s how I noticed you committing sock puppetry in the first place.

          Ah responsibility. You might be better served to lecture the deluded Charice fans here about being responsible enough with their right to express themselves. Imagine that, they speculate about my sexuality, life details, and stole my identity twice just because they don’t like what I have to say.

          Why don’t yo go on and remain a fan of Charice the copycat? Why do you feel the need to police the thoughts on those not impressed by a third rate Jojo/ Jordin sparks clone? In any case, you are free to express your views in my blog.

  9. you can be sued by charice’s team because of your bad mouth. do you know vendela? a supermodel who sued a blogger because of defamatory and unethical writings about her. she won the case and the “blogger” was charged 15 years in prison.

    think twice before you say something bad to someone.

    I am charice’s cousin and to tell you honestly, we will be taking legal actions against you.

    We are in the process of consulting charice’s lawyer and one of these days, you will be hearing something from our legal team.

    thanks and god bless!

    • Dear Charice’s cousin

      1.) I dare you to follow up on the legal threats. Bring it on. I bet like many of Charice’s fans, Charice’s camp has nothing but hot air to throw at people. damn, even the people who advise her properly on the manner to get cosmetic procedures.

      2.) Tell your cousin personally that when she starts claiming that she’s “very proud to be an Asian, very proud to be Filipino”, she better not turn around and get some botox. It sends a message that she’s not comfortable in her own skin, and needs to reduce her face in order to fit in the show.

      3.) Come on, bring on the legal threats!


    • Thank you for proving what I’ve been pointing out about some Charice fans.

      My points must be hitting a certain spot when Charice fans resort to ad hominems!

      One other thing, go ahead and “drop a Virus to block (my) Fucking Blog”. I have a feeling that your threats are like Charice’s single and album: hot air and flops IRL.

  11. Charice must really be successful and popular. If she were not, no one will go to the extent of wasting hours denigrating her, just like what you’re doing. No one spends time putting down someone who’s already a loser. Thanks cardcrusher you are living proof of her success and I hope you don’t stop what you’re doing.

    • Rosa
      Just a reminder, this is another week that Charice’s album is not charting on the Hot 100 and Billboard 200 charts.

  12. Newsflash, the pyramid song is back on Billboard 200 charts..

    • further newsflash, it’s now gone from the Billboard 200 charts.

  13. What has this poor girl done to you? If she were not this successful, maybe you wont even find time to say a comment about her. Can’t you even find a moment to make peace with yourself?

    • Hey, it’s about the exchanging of opinions and figures based on facts. Charice is a flop. Can Charice fans exchange opinions without resorting to ad hominems?

  14. do you ever have a positive opinon on someone? or anyone at all?

    i guess that wouldn’t be exciting for you huh…

  15. WTF a troll blog. HAHAHA! Insecure loser?

  16. Thank you, cardcrusher.

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